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Contacting KellPro

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Canceling your account

To cancel, you will need to log in and cancel your subscriptions through your account. We cannot cancel your subscription through an email request without compromising the security & privacy of your account.

Payment Methods

All subscriptions are set up on a monthly cycle and can be automatically renewed with a credit or debit card. We also offer the ability to prepay your account for a full year by sending a check in the mail.

Reporting illegal activity

If you have important information about a person, please contact your local police department, or the court clerk's office directly. is a private company that provides the service of publishing the court records online. We will not be able to assist in the handling of such information.

Incorrect Information is a copy of the public records that are available in the court clerk's office. To have information changed or updated, you must contact the court clerks office.

Explaining Record Detail

Each court files their records differently. If a the details on a case are not clear, you may contact the court clerk's office directly to clarify.

Deleting Records

The records displayed on this site are public records. We cannot and will not delete or modify the information in any way unless directed by the court clerk's office.

Create an Account

To sign up for a subscription, you'll need to register an account. Once your account is created you can sign up for a subscription plan.

Plan Pricing

All of our plans are automatically billed monthly. Please visit our pricing page for more details on the plans available.